About Us - New Venture Media Group LLC


New Venture Media Group is a multi-faceted marketing, publishing, travel and theatrical services company based in Boston, MA. Anchored by a set of core publications and businesses that celebrate the best in local and regional arts and entertainment, the Group includes: Panorama: The Official Guide to Boston; the New England edition of Playbill Magazine, the renowned theater program; Show of the Month Club, the nation’s oldest membership-based discount theater ticket club; and Art New England, the region’s leading contemporary art and culture magazine.

The company offers visitors to Boston a realm of Panorama products and services, including Interactive Visitor Information Centers located throughout the city, as well as bostonguide.com, the most comprehensive Boston visitor website.

Show of the Month Club’s popular Travel Club offers unbeatable value on vacation packages to exciting destinations around the world.

The theatrical development and production division—New Venture Entertainment—fosters cultural exchange by bringing live music, dance and dramatic performances and art exhibitions from America to the nations of the Pacific Rim.

Theater services, publishing, travel, art – an unusual yet totally synergistic aggregation of companies that proudly combine under the umbrella of New Venture Media Group.